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My Negative Reactions To Anti-Psychotic Meds


I'd just like to relate my experiences with anti-psychotics, as this is a good place for me to do this. When I was 13, I was put on Paxil, and did nothing but rage at everyone all day, almost to the point of physical violence. My shrink kept increasing the dose more and more until my rages became nearly murderous, and only after MONTHS of this, took me off of Paxil. I nearly ruined my relationship with my closest cousin (closest as in emotionally the closest) with my behavior, and it was all due to Paxil. Many people also commit suicide or murder while on Paxil, it's DEFINITELY one of the most dangerous drugs out there.

i've never EVER gotten any benefits from antipsychotics, yet I'm still forced to take them because I suffer from autism. Antipsychotic medications benefit almost nobody, and harm the vast majority of people who take them. It's almost never a good idea to try them, as once you start taking them, your will quickly become increasingly addicted to them, and withdrawal symptoms will happen for months or even years when you stop taking them. Worst of all, you could end up like the suicide victims who took Paxil...

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